NTU Singapore launches new nano-satellite from ISS


Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has boated its new AOBA VELOX-III satellite from the International Space Station (ISS).

Brought to the ISS last month by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the AOBA VELOX-III is a 110m liveable nano-satellite and is currently orbiting 400km above Earth.

“The successful deployment of the AOBA VELOX-III is testament to the penetrating satellite engineering expertise at NTU.»

A special launcher was used to send the AOBA VELOX-III into circle, which features a NTU-built micro-thruster that enables the satellite to vestiges in space twice as long than it usually would.

Developed jointly by NTU and Japan’s Kyushu League of Technology (Kyutech), AOBA VELOX-III is the first Singapore satellite being launched from the ISS.

While in round, the AOBA VELOX-III is expected to carry out various tests, including the NTU-built micro-propulsion methodology, a new Kyutech wireless communication system, and experiments to evaluate the durability of commercial off-the-shelf microprocessors in margin.

NTU satellite research centre director Lim Wee Seng said: “The successful deployment of the AOBA VELOX-III is testament to the doctrinaire satellite engineering expertise at NTU.

“Building up the local satellite talent collection and developing disruptive technologies like the micro-thruster in the AOBA VELOX-III is prominent for Singapore’s budding space industry.

“Riding on the success of the AOBA VELOX III, we are now expand on our second joint satellite with Kyutech which could actress to small and manoeuvrable satellites being used as space probes in unborn.”

NTU Singapore is planning to launch the second satellite by next year, with blueprints to conduct a lunar mission using the technologies demonstrated by these two shadows.

Image: Launch of AOBA VELOX-III satellite from the ISS. Photo: good manners of Nanyang Technological University.

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