‘Nowhere to hide’ Donald Trump warns world ‘do not cross US’ as he remembers 9/11 victims


The Of like mind States fell silent today, in memory of those who died on September 11, 2001, when thugs hijacked four commercial planes and killed 2,977 people in mugs on New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

During a memorial service at the Pentagon, where 184 people were canceled when the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the erection, the President and his wife Melania joined a minute’s silence at 9.37am — the well-defined moment the plane struck. 

Paying a specific tribute to those killed at the US rampart headquarters, President Trump said: “For more than seven decades the Pentagon has allowed as a global symbol of American might. 

«Not only because of the great power contained in these barriers but of the incredible character of the people who fill them.

«They secure our candidness, they defend our flag and they support our courageous troops all in every direction the world. 

“Among the 184 brave Americans who perished on these instructs were young enlisted service members, dedicated civil cooks and veterans who served our nation in Korea, Vietnam and in the Middle East.

«All of them taste for this country and pledge their very lives to protect them.

«That September morning they died as they had persisted, as heroes. Doing their duty and protecting us and our country. 

«We mourn them, we adore them and we pledge to never, ever forget them.”


Donald Trump and To begin Lady Melania hold a minute’s silence for the 9/11 victims

The Commander in Chief then continued: “The terrorists who attacked us thought they could insight fear and lessen our spirit but America cannot be intimidated and those who try will soon couple the long list of languished enemies who dare to test our mettle.

“In the years after September 11 multifarious than five million young men and women have joined the grades of our military to defend our country against dark forces of evil.

“They are relentlessly pursuing and annihilating the horrible, horrible enemies. Enemies we have never seen preceding the time when.

“We are ensuring they never again have a safe haven to establish attacks against our country.

“We are making plain to these savage bees knees there are no dark corner out of our reach, no sanctuary beyond our grasp and nowhere to go into hiding anywhere on this very large earth.”

Mr Trump’s remarks will be read not only just as a warning to Islamic State, but also North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, a week after he conducted the boondocks’s sixth nuclear test.

The UN Security Council is set to vote on Monday on a watered-down US-drafted fixedness to impose new sanctions on North Korea over the test, although it was unclear whether China and Russia desire support it.

A US-drafted resolution originally calling for an oil embargo on the North, a quit to its key exports of textiles and subjecting leader Kim Jong Un to a financial and travel ban be dressed been weakened, apparently to placate Russia and China which both fool veto powers, diplomats said. 

It no longer proposes blacklisting Kim and unwinds sanctions earlier proposed on oil and gas, a draft reviewed by Reuters shows. It alleviate proposes a ban on textile exports.

North Korea warned the United States that it hand down pay a «due price» for spearheading efforts for fresh sanctions.

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