Now THAT’S a bonus! Boss splashes out on Caribbean holiday for 800 staff


The co-founder of Bertch Ministries in Iowa is taking hundreds of staff on the tropical holiday to celebrate fulfiling the com ny’s key goals in 2016.

Gary Bertch has run the Waterloo cabinet manufacturing establishment since 1977.

He began offering cruises to his employees in 1989 but the recession stiff him to stop the giveaways in 2005.

Announcing this year’s mass gifting on Facebook, Bertch put about: “We finally got into the black again last year after we became it through the recession.

“We were antici ting we’d have better sales again this year.

“We condign tried to get all of our people pumped up a little more to achieve the various objectives, both customer-oriented goals and financial goals.”

The staff will de rt on January 8 on four privilege planes direct to Miami.

Travelling for five nights, the Carnival sail stops in at tropical hotspots like Key West and Cozumel Island off the sail of Mexico.

The 133,500 ton cruise ship will be the third vessel in the Theatre troupe’s vista class series.

It is currently under contract with Fincantieri – an Italian truck building firm.

The cruise ship had been originally designed for P&O Voyages Australia.

But now, the com ny’s Carnival Splendour ship with be transformed into P&O Voyages Australia, when this new vessel joins their fleet.

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