Now Adults Can Participate in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt With This Workout


The stalk post was originally featured on Mom’s Little Running Buddy and was written by blogger Kate McFarland, who is sacrifice of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

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I don’t know anent you but I LOVE Easter. Cute kids in their Easter finest, Come from time weather and Easter egg hunts! Most of the time people recollect Easter Egg hunts are just for kids but I have an idea that determination have you running around with your kids!

In the st, I’ve certainty you different healthy options to fill their Easter baskets but one of the opportunities we love to do is fill plastic eggs with jelly beans, M&M’s and other mouthful sized candy. That’s OK, everything in moderation but why not turn that Easter Egg quest into a way to get fit with your kids?

Turn that Easter Egg stalk into a circuit! Fill your Easter Eggs with disturbs, have someone hide them, and go! Make it a competition with your offspring. It will be fun!

I tried it with E this weekend and it was a ton of fun. He just loved competition around with me and loved doing the moves I did. You are going to want to try it. You be aware you want to!

Image Source: Mom’s Little Running Buddy

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