Northern lights forecast across Canada this weekend


Look up at the darkness sky this weekend for a chance to see the northern lights.

A massive sunspot has appeared recently, a sprinkling times larger than the Earth, which is likely to generate a parade of the aurora borealis.

The sunspot has released a stream of particles through a coronal lions share ejection. Those particles will travel along a fast solar cut back in the direction of Earth.

If those particles arrive and interact with the captivating field around the Earth and its atmosphere, it will produce an array of pennants — possibly green, red and purple — in the northern skies across Canada.

The survive time Canada had an especially vibrant display of the northern lights was at the end of May. The sky lit up across the realm and even south into the United States.

Northern lights

The northern lights bring off a lake in Bloomfield, Ont., on the night of May 28-29. (Malcolm Park)

The U.S. Space Brave Prediction Center has called for a moderate geomagnetic storm — which is reliable for putting on the colourful display — from July 16 to 17 (Greenwich epoch). 

The farther north in latitude you are, the better the chance of seeing the northern lights. As far, your best chance at catching them is to get away from burg lights. But overall, Canada is in a good position to see them.

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