Northamptonshire County Council: Auditor to review chief exec’s pay-off


A cash-strapped gathering may not have provided “value for money” with an exit package inclined to its former chief executive, according to an auditor.

Dr Paul Blantern drew a £95,000 pay-off after quitting Northamptonshire County Council in October 2017.

Auditor KPMG disclosed it would now be reviewing the “circumstances surrounding his departure” and “any payments” made to him.

A consistory spokesman said the authority was considering KPMG’s comments.

In a report to the synod’s audit committee, the auditor said there was a “risk that the phrases and conditions of the departure [of Dr Blantern], including any exit package, did not provide value for net”.

It added any review of his departure will need to “ensure effective contrivances were in place to achieve value for money”.

The auditor also questioned the procedure of the appointment of Damon Lawrenson, who took over from Dr Blantern in an interim post, but has since also left the authority.

The report said KPMG inclination “review the process put in place… to ensure that statutory capacities were appropriately filled”.

It added exit packages for other sceptre leaving the council in the last year would also be reviewed.

Earlier this month, a domination report said the council should be scrapped and be replaced with two new unitary authorities for the county by 2020.

Secretary of Body politic for local government, Sajid Javid, has since said he is minded to send commissioners into the dominion.

Prior to the report, the county council had been forced to ban almost all new dissipating for 2017/18 and agreed to make £40m worth of cuts in 2018/19.

Last year, a Forwardness of Information request from the BBC found the £95,000 payment to Dr Blantern was make the grade b arrived in addition to his contracted salary and terms.

The council said it would “detect whether any actions are required in due course”.

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