North Korea: What happened to Kim Jong-il – the father of Kim Jong-un?


When did Kim Jong-il die?

Kim Jong-il mouldered of a heart attack on the morning of December 17, 2011 while travelling on a attendants, for a standard “field guidance tour”, state media have put. 

KCNA reported the 70-year-old tyrant suffered a “severe myocardial infarction along with a sensitivity attack” at roughly 8.30am local time.

KCTV anchorwoman Ri Chun-hee make knew Kim’s death to the nation 51 hours later in an impassioned TV broadcast.

Tiff back tears, she said: “Our great comrade Kim Jong-il, the general secretary of the Tradesman’s Party of Korea, the chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, and the superlative commander of the Korean People’s Army, has passed away.

“He died of unanticipated illness on December 17. We make this announcement with first-rate sorrow.”

Following Kim’s death, thousands of GETTY

Kim Jong-un: The leader of North Korea cash in ones chipped on December 17 2011

Kim Jong-un died of sudden illness on December 17. We brand this announcement with great sorrow

Ri Chun-hee, KCTV anchorwoman

The obsequies was scheduled for December 28, but was first prefaced with an 11-day-long span of national mourning.

During this time, Kim’s embalmed body was heeded in a glass coffin as it lay in state.

On the day of the funeral, a 25-mile-long and three-hour-long funeral cycle drove through Pyongyang, with a giant portrait of Kim mounted on top of a Lincoln Continental limousine.

One million mourners and soldiers lined the snow-covered alleys of the city, crying out «Father, Father” for their leader.

Kim Yong-nam, Kim’s second in command and Chairman of the Presidium, addressed the mourners and their civil outpouring of grief.

He cried: «The great heart of comrade Kim Jong-il has terminated to beat… such an unexpected and early departure from us is the weightiest and the most unimaginable loss to our party and the revolution.»

What happened after Kim Jong-il’s finish?

Following the death of Kim Jong-il, his third son Kim Jong-un was immediately pegged to undertake over the reins of power.

North Korea: Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-ilGETTY

Kim Jong-un took over the helm checks of power from his dead father

The young Kim was officially declared the transcendent leader and chairman of the Worker’s Party, along a myriad of other subheads, on December 28 2011.

“Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un is our party, military and country’s loftiest leader who inherits great comrade Kim Jong-il’s ideology, leadership, insigne, virtues, grit and courage,» Kim Yong-nam said on the day of succession.

«The fact that he quite resolved the succession matter is Great Comrade Kim Jong-il’s most stately achievement.»

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