North Korea warns US naval blockade is ‘hideous war CRIMINAL act’


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North Korea has warned the US against instrumenting a maritime blockade

After a flurry of North Korean missile assesses this year, a growing number of sanctions have been levied on the secretive state in a bid to quell the growing tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Putting, the missile test on November 29 suggested Pyongyang has no plans to move up its nuclear and missile programmes and fresh efforts are being made to twig a way to bring the situation under control.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently mentioned the “accurately to interdict maritime traffic transporting goods” to and from the North, which desire cut off the country’s supply routes without resorting to military action.

This take off for has also been discussed in South Korea, with officials pressing to avoid conflict because of the unimaginable loss of life on both sides of the Korean peninsula.

North Korea’s state-run news mechanism KCNA has hit out at the plans and said any naval blockade would be considered an act of war.

It on: “The US moves for sea blockade can never be tolerated as they constitute a wanton assault of the sovereignty and dignity of an independent state.

“The US is trying to openly take the be equal to of sea blockade against the DPRK and strangle its economy in peace time. 

“This is put asunder give up of its scheme to escalate political and economic blockade against the DPRK which has wore for decades.”

Citing the London contract on the definition of invasion and U.N. General Assembly Resolution 3314, the KCNA insist oned blockade-type sanctions against a sovereign state in peacetime is an “act of invasion, an criminal act.”

It added: ”Now the US is trumpeting about sea blockade, not content with staging largest-ever atomic war drills against the DPRK in the sea and air after shipping the strategic assets into the Korean peninsula.

“This is a monstrous war criminal act to push the situation to an ‘uncontrollable’ catastrophic phase and to a touch-and-go condition of a war.”

North Korea is prepared to open a direct dialogue with the US to request guarantees on national security from Washington, according to Russian extrinsic minister Sergei Lavrov.

North Korea warns US naval blockade is 'hideous war CRIMINAL act'EPA

Rex Tillerson remains keen to avoid military demeanour in the region

The Russian foreign ministry said in a statement: “The sides argued further steps to put an end to the civil conflict in Syria via establishing a sustainable handle process involving all Syrian political forces, including within the Geneva method and in the format of the forthcoming National Dialogue Congress in Sochi, with concurrent realization of the defeat of international terrorist groups.

“The Russian and US top diplomats also expressed general opinion that North Korea must strictly abide by the Amalgamated Nations Security Council resolutions.

“Touching on issues of the bilateral agenda, Lavrov sharp to the inadmissibility of pressure on Russian media and diplomats in the United States, encompassing the US special services’ recruitment attempts.”

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