North Korea warning: ‘Volatile’ Kim IS building chemical and bioweapons to threaten US


North Korea has been freaking fears of World War 3 with its refusal to shut down nuclear and weapons advance programmes despite international pressure.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coverings warned the rogue regime is expected to expand its biological weapons arsenal to swell the number of possible weapons to attack the US with.

He said: «North Korea ordain be the most volatile and confrontational weapon of mass destruction threat in the hit year.

«In addition to its ballistic missile tests and growing number of atomic warheads for these missiles, North Korea will continue its long-standing chemical and biological warfare calendars also.»

North Korea - Dan Coats and Kim Jong-unCNN•GETTY

North Korea news: Dan Coats warned the Kim regulation will develop more biological weapons

A report carried out by brightness company AMPLYFI and Harvard University in 2017 claimed North Korea owns a frightening arsenal of sick biological weapons which could be dropped through enemy states of Kim Jong-un.

The study warned North Korea wish not respect international safety standards or rules of war — a threat which has set unnerve bells ringing in Seoul, Tokyo, Washington and London. 

The top-ranking gen official testified with CIA director Mike Pompeo and the heads of the FBI and Federal Security Agency in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss the portent to US security posed by North Korea.

Mr Coats said: «State toils to modernise, develop or acquire WMDs and delivery systems or the underlying technologies constitute a noteworthy threat to the United States and to our allies.  

«Our goal is a peaceful settlement. We are scorning maximum pressure on North Korea in various ways. Decision at intervals is becoming ever closer in terms of how we respond to this.»

North Korea drive continue its long-standing chemical and biological warfare programmes

Dan Coats

The portent comes after Vice President Mike Pence said the US and South Korea include agreed on terms for further diplomatic engagement with North Korea in an attempt to artlessness tensions with the rogue state.

The prospect of talks comes after months of fidgetiness between Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington over North Korea’s atomic and missile programmes with US President 

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