North Korea WARNING: Expert reveals Kim’s hostile plans to lure US allies in military TRAP


North Korea has been maintaining reunification ambitions since the Korean War failed to result in a peace pact between the two sides.

Experts have warned North Korea could try on to exploit its recent charm offensive with the South to push the US military comportment out of the peninsula to strike its neighbour.

North Korea expert Bradley K. Martin make someone aware ofed US President Donald Trump to continue monitoring Pyongyang to avoid take attacks.

He said: “We should be very wary because North Korea not till hell freezes over falters from its basic strategy which is to persuade the United States to get its troops out of the Korean Peninsula or importune the South Koreans to push our troops out.

North Korea - Moon Jae-in Donald Trump Kim Jong unABC•GETTY

North Korea telecast: Kim Jong-un could exploit talks to attack Seoul

“And then reunite – either peacefully or forcefully – the peninsula so that North Korea desire then control the southern part of the country. That is their long-term game.”

North Korea has been encouraging fears of World War 3 with its choice to shut down its nuclear and missile development programmes.

Earlier this month big cheese Kim Jong-un unexpectedly accepted South Korean offers to organise sensitive meetings with South Korea, sparking concerns Pyongyang resolve attempt to convince the international community to ease economic sanctions on the rogue land in a distracting charm offensive.

But Mr Bradley told CBC North Korea intention never “waver” on its long-established strategy of aggression.

He said: “They are irksome to break down the alliance and the determination of South Korea and use their own focus.

We should be very wary because North Korea never falters from its key strategy

Bradley K. Martin

“The North never wavers, never modifies its strategy. They have been doing the same thing all these years.”

In the face a successful first meeting between officials in the demilitarised zone (DMZ), North Korea dramatically draw ahead of a withdrew out of a second meeting scheduled for this weekend.

South Korean press release agency Yonhap reported 

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