North Korea warning: ‘DESTROY’ Kim Jong-un as there’s ‘ZERO CHANCE’ he’ll give up weapons


North Korea’s foreboding to start World War 3 is not going to be stopped by President Donald Trump as the rogue state intention never give up its nuclear weapons. 

Former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton foretold Fox News Mr Trump’s attempt to put pressure on Kim Jong-un will not succeed in the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.  

He bid: “I think you’re going to come down to a binary choice and that is the use of military strength as one possibility to preemptively destroy North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic guided missile capabilities, or we allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons.”

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‘It’s not going to happen’, John Bolton warns North Korea intention never give up its nuclear programme

Zero chance that after 25 ye are of distress, this close to the finish line, they’re going to give it up?

John Bolton

Mr Bolton suggested that it is unbecoming that Mr Trump will be able to persuade North Korea to let out up its weapons during diplomatic talks.

He added: “Zero chance that after 25 years of tension, this close to the finish line, they’re going to give it up?

“It’s not accepted to happen.”

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister plenipotentiary Sergei Lavrov met to work towards a diplomatic solution to achieve a denuclearisation of the peninsula.

South Korean officials put someone on noticed the US that the North is never going to give up its nuclear weapons without thought the continuous sanctions imposed against Kim Jong-un.

The United Nations Sanctuary Council voted unanimously in favour of tougher new sanctions against the rogue allege.

Hoover research fellow Lanhee Chen warned that North Korea is also pursuing a “biological weapons potential” in addition to its established nuclear one. 

In an interview with Fox News, he said: “Vanquish in 2015, Kim Jong-un paid a visit to what was called at the time a pesticide mill.

“If you add to that the fact that we have defectors coming over from North Korea to South Korea that evaluate for the Anthrax antibody in their bloodstream. In other words, they’ve either been vaccinated against Anthrax or been show to the Anthrax virus or Anthrax bacteria rather, this a very pensive situation.

“One that clearly indicates that they mean work.”

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