North Korea wants TOTAL COMMUNIST CONTROL over South, warns top US military commander


Kim Jong-un has halted his warmongering bombast in recent days, instead going on a charm offensive by sending his athletes to struggle alongside their southern counterparts in the Winter Olympics under a united Korean flag.

But senior military officials believe his nuclear enterprises will only continue as he attempts to unify Korea under communist hand down a judgement.

Admiral Harry Harris, chief of the U.S. Pacific Command, told a ascertaining that Kim is not simply looking to turn his state into a nuclear superpower to keep safe his nation against outward threats.

He claimed the young tyrant is actually “after reunification under a single, communist system,” – and that blending the two states under the flag of communism is his “long view” goal.

North KoreaGETTY

The Admiral required North Korea want to force the South to obey Communist wield the sceptre

He added the west must continue its “maximum pressing” campaign to force Kim into disarming his nuclear arsenal and dismantling his intercontinental ballistic projectiles.

The hermit kingdom has recently come out of its shell to participate in the Pyeongchang games, which father included high profile visits from the Supreme Leader’s sister Kim Yo-jong and the North Korean cheerleading team.

And during the games the South’s leader Moon Jae-in welcomed an temptation to talks in Pyongyang, offered by Kim Jong-un himself.

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He urged the US to go on exerting pressure on Kim until he disarms

However some experts credence in the agreements between the sides are simply the calm before the storm.

Chris Hill, the old US ambassador to South Korea, told NBC he does not expect Kim to end his race for atomic supremacy.

He said: “There’ll be a positive feeling that we’ve somehow show up the corner and are heading to a solution

Harry HarrisGETTY

Harris is chief of the US pacific Say

“I don’t think by any means North Korea is prepared to denuclearize at this spot.”

“I think what North Korea is trying to achieve with this launch of dialogue with the South is as if to say, ‘Look we have nuclear weapons, we’re not common to get rid of nuclear weapons, but we are prepared to be very good neighbour’.

“It’s an effort to proffer a sense of normalcy to their country, the fact that they are foul, in their view, a member of the international community in good standing.”

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