North Korea v USA news live: Donald Trump warns against ‘catastrophic’ attack on Guam


North Korea v USA news live: Kim Jong-unAFP Getty

North Korea v USA information live: Donald Trump PRAISES Kim Jong-un over Guam settlement

  • Donald Trump praises Kim Jong-un for holding back on Guam forebodings
  • Kim Jong-un waits for the next move by ‘the foolish Yankees’ 
  • Donald Trump swore to unleash ‘fire and fury’ if the US is threatened 
  • US intelligence warns North Korea has atomic intercontinental ballistic missiles

Here are live updates and breaking intelligence on the war of words between Kim Jong-un’s North Korea v Donald Trump’s America. (All times BST)

9pm: Confidence in North Korea war of words

Mike Pence said there were fresh glimmers of hope on the North Korea situation.

He said: «Our administration has been marshalling the tolerate of nations around the world, and as the President acknowledged this morning, we are inception to see progress in dealing with North Korea’s provocations.”

7.20pm: Mike Pence begs Latin Amierican countries to break ties with North Korea

US Sin President Mike Pence has called upon Brazil, Peru, Chile and Mexico to break apart their ties with the rogue communist regime.

Speaking today in Chile, Mr Pence verbalized that “all options” were on the table in regards to North Korea.

«The U.S. positions great importance on the ongoing diplomatic isolation of the Kim regime and we strongly spur Chile today, and we urge Brazil, Mexico, and Peru to break all discreet and commercial ties to North Korea,» Mr Pence said at a joint broadcasting conference with Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet.

5.30pm: UN says it is someday to ‘dial down rhetoric’ 

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it is rhythm to «dial down rhetoric and dial up diplomacy» on North Korea and that he had recounted Russia, Japan, the United States, China and North and South Korea that he was nearby to help broker talks.

«My good offices are always available — and I conveyed this statement yesterday to the representatives of the six-party talks,» Guterres told reporters. «The working to this crisis must be political. The potential consequences of military activity are too horrific to even contemplate.»

3.20pm: German Foreign Minister: ‘We are a bit more bright’ 

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that Chinese sway on North Korea is making him more upbeat despite concerns outstanding the upcoming military exercises.

«Since yesterday we are a bit more optimistic,” he said, nothing that Kim Jong-un be publishes to have been influenced by pressure from China. 

«He said he resolve think about it further but it seems that the pressure put on by China hopped.” 

There are concerns that the situation could flare up again on Monday when the US and North Korea originates annual joint exercises sure to enrage North Korea. 

Donald Trump Trilling

North Korea v USA live: Donald Trump praises Kim Jong-un for Guam lacuna

2.55pm: Donald Trump praises Kim Jong-un’s ‘wise’ decision 

Donald Trump acclaimed North Korea’s dictator for his decision not to fire missiles towards the ait of Guam this month.

North Korean media reported on Tuesday that the lone leader was delaying his decision to see what the US would do next.

«Kim Jong Un of North Korea tidy up a very wise and well reasoned decision. The alternative would have in the offing been both catastrophic and unacceptable!» Mr Trump said on Twitter.

Kim Jong-un AFP Getty

North Korea v USA communiqu live: Kim Jong-un inspects the North Korean army

Tuesday August 15

2pm: Russia hurries US and North Korea to end dispute

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has impulsed the US and North Korea to “put the brakes” on their war of words in order to avert an «August catastrophe». 

Mr Lavrov discussed the situation in North Korea with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, China’s Transatlantic Ministry said in a statement.

10.30am: Kim Jong-un studies Guam strike drawings in new pictures

North Korea has released new images showing Kim Jong-un analysing maps of Guam, the US region he has threatened to surround with missiles.

The dictator is seen surrounded by military chiefs as he looks at what looks to be a flight path from North Korea to Guam.

It comes after Kim arrayed his army to be “ready to strike at all times” after he received a report on a aim to launch missiles to land in the ocean near the territory.

4am: Kim Jong-un hold offs back on plans to fire missiles near Guam

Kim Jong-un well-organized his army to “be ready to strike at all times” after he received a military arrive on a plan to launch missiles towards the US territory of Guam, North Korean country media reported.

Kim claimed he will “watch the actions of the US a little bit myriad” and warned that Donald Trump’s America should make “the well choice” to prevent a war.

AFP Getty

North Korea v USA news live: US Combined Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, in Beijing on Tuesday

Monday 14

9.20pm: US says ‘it’s event on’ if North Korea attacks Guam 

On North Korea’s threats on Guam, US explanation secretary James Mattis said: “If they do that it’s game on; we’ll take effect it out.»

He continued: “We will defend the [US] from any attack, at any time, from any billet. You don’t shoot at people in this world — unless you want to bear the consequence.”

8.25pm: Top US rudeness say conflict with North Korea not ‘imminent’ 

CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Donald Trump’s governmental security adviser, say that a military confrontation with North Korea is not impending.

But they claim the possibility of war is greater today than a decade ago, continuing that the Trump administration is «prepared to deal militarily with North Korea, if high-priority».


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