North Korea SHOCK warning: Kim Jong-un vs the world – Trump not the only WW3 target


North Korea is the in one piece world’s problem and Kim Jong-un is not playing just against Donald Trump amongst World War 3 scares, said Arash Aramesh. 

The national security and non-native policy analyst told Fox News that if Vladimir Putin is assigned to be the mediator between North Korea and the United States, “we’re trying to redefine this maladjusted as a US-North Korea problem”.

He said: “First and foremost this is not North Korea versus the US. It’s North Korea versus the in one piece international community.”

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Russia offered to be the mediator between North Korea and Donald Trump

North Korea is the pariah, the scad pronounced pariah in the international community

Arash Aramesh

Mr Aramesh added: “There prepare been so many United Nations Security Council resolutions unanimously out of date against North Korea and its nuclear tests and its intercontinental missile assays. 

“That places North Korea as the pariah, the most pronounced pariah in the cosmopolitan community.

“By trying to have the Russians mediate between the US and North Korea, we’re disquieting to redefine this problem as a US-North Korea problem.”

He warned: “As a meaning of fact, this is a North Korea versus the rest of the world enigma.”

The UN Security Council unanimously voted to impose tough new sanctions on the rogue form in response to its intercontinental missile tests. 

On Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov make knew Russia was ready to serve as a mediator between North Korea and the Allied States, if both sides agree.

US Secretary of State of affairs Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the enigma over the phone on Tuesday. 

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert turned: “The two discussed concerns related to the DPRK’s destabilising nuclear programme and emphasised that neither the Agreed States nor Russia accept the DPRK as a nuclear power.”

Moscow upheld Mr Lavrov had told Mr Tillerson that Washington’s “aggressive rhetoric” about North Korea had intensified tensions, and was unacceptable.

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