North Korea revealed: Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime rounding up children for labour camps


North Korea has been accelerating its atomic and ballistic missile programmes, sparking World War 3 fears across the world. 

The rogue state has been hit with another load of United Political entities sanctions after its continued missile threats. 

Speaking exclusively to, Gordon Chang explained the devastating conditions of living in the hermit province. 

He said: “We do focus on the war of words the insults and the threats, and I think the President should go daybreak on those. He’s got this point across, he has entertained everybody. 

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North Korea story: Gordon Chang warned Kim Jong-un could be rounding up children for parturition camps

“In terms of his substantive policy, it has actually been very genuine. It has been to go around the world to cut off these money flows to North Korea. So they cannot launch brickbats, detonate nukes or so that Kim Jong-un cannot engage in gift diplomacy, which is the giving of luxury items like Mercedes and Rolex’s to superior regime elements to buy their loyalty.

“There are signs that A South Korean Marine aims his rifle on a snowy hill during a joint winter drill with US Marines in Pyeongchang

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A South Korean Marine aims his rifle on a snowy hill during a joint winter teach with US Marines in Pyeongchang

“If the best of the best don’t get sufficient nourishment, we can not imagine what about the rest of the population.”

The United Nations Safe keeping Council imposed tough new sanctions on North Korea after its continued guided missile testing. 

The resolution seeks to ban nearly 90 percent of refined petroleum effect exports to North Korea.

The resolution also bans exports of industrial tackle, machinery, transportation vehicles and industrial metals to North Korea.

Mr Trump tweeted: “The Of like mind Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 in favour of additional Notarizes on North Korea. The World wants Peace, not Death!”

The North Korea alien ministry responded to the UN sanctions and branded them an “act of war”.