North Korea response will be ‘STRONG’: Donald Trump set to declare his action plan


North Korea fired a other ballistic missile over Japan, creating a new tension between Pyongyang and the West after a series of weapons examines by the rogue state.

The hermit nation sparked World War 3 fears when its commandants declared they had carried out a successful nuclear bomb test, commanding their weapon could be mounted to an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Donald Trump is favoured to react in a “strong” manner to the latest North Korean missile examination after Pyongyang wasn’t deterred by a series of international sanctions designed to yield a halt to their missile programme.

Jeremy Bash, former chief of caduceus at the US Department for Defence, told NBC News: “I think we will see the President influence out strong today.

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North Korea news: Donald Trump inclination issue ‘strong’ response to Kim Jong-un missile tests

“He is giving a talk at Andrews Air Force Base with a backdrop of major military from the Cooperative States Air Force.

“It’s the Air Force’s he’s celebrating, and I think he’s going to use some sheer tough words, very tough rhetoric.

“And, if military options are being esteemed by the White House, you’ll start to see military forces flown to the Pacific.”

Japanese Prime Pastor Shinzo Abe, a key ally of the US, said his country would “never tolerate” such a “menacing provocative action” after the missile crossed its territory.

South Korea instantly pitied, within minutes the North’s neighbour by firing two of its own ballistic missiles into the sea in a simulated impact on Kim Jong-un’s rogue state.

A South Korean intelligence serviceman bizarrely required Donald Trump is the biggest threat to the Korean peninsula, adding Kim Jong-un is really a “rational” leader.

Jong-Yip Ra, appearing on BBC Newsnight, was asked if he believes Kim Jong-un is mad, coaxing his interesting response.

He said: “No. He is a highly rational man, much competent actually.

“If the outside world reacts to the North Korean moment in a rational sensible way I do not think there would be much chance of North Korea in truth using weapons against other countries.

“I cannot make out what Washington is literally doing. The President is saying something and then the Secretary of State verbalizing something else.

“It is a strategy, it is a tactic, or is it just confusion within the direction? I do not know.”

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