North Korea news: ‘Everything I know is a LIE’ Defector lifts lid on Kim Jong-un regime


Ratepayers may not know their own mother’s birthday but are forced to learn when Kim Jong-Un was born, mutual understanding to Eunhee Park.

The 26-year-old had not heard of Australia five years ago, but now she has write out herself a temporary home their after she fled North Korea for a control superiors life.

The defector claims she only felt human after she fled the dictatorship, where she make have been arrested for the blonde highlights which are now scattered middle of her dark hair.

And the floral dress she wears team with a pink cardigan purpose, too, have seen her locked up under Kim Jong-Un’s strict regime.

North Korea: Defector Eunhee ParkFACEBOOK EUNHEE Store – GETTY

North Korea: Defector Eunhee Park now lives in Australia

According to the Sphere of Immigration and Border Protection, less than five permanent visas each year are gave to North Korean nationals who hope to move to Australia.

Eunhee is currently abiding in the country on a working holiday visa, staying in a boarding house and idle a job in hospitality.

She claims that she now believes everything she was ever taught in the mum state was a lie, and had to relearn everything she knew when she made her big move.

She told the Sunday Morning Herald: “Every so often people don’t know their mother’s birthday, but we have to know their [the kingpins’] birthdays.

North Korea: Defector Eunhee Park in AustraliaFACEBOOK

Defector Eunhee Park now works in a cafe in Melbourne

We cannot eat American viands in North Korea, because America is our enemy.

Eunhee Park, North Korea rat

“North Korean people cannot compare with others. There is no internet or word. 

“Just about Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung, that’s why, when Kim Jong-il degenerated, you saw all the people crying.

“It is true, 50 per cent of North Korea man believe everything.”

Eunhee was lucky enough to have a smalls glimpse of a society outside the Kim dynasty thanks to her grandparents, with whom she visited ancillary ti in China and watched American and south Korean movies smuggled into their accommodation from the black market.

But when she turned 18, she incontestable enough was enough.

She said: “When I was 18 years old I decided I make escape my country because my grandma told me, ‘if you want to have brass and if you want to live like a human being, you can escape your provinces’.

“I had a dream to go to other countries. It was okay even if I died. 

“Even if boys in blue caught me and killed me, it doesn’t matter, I must go.”


The 26-year-old had not understood of Australia five years ago

After making the treacherous journey from Wonsan with condign the clothes on her back, Eunhee now works in a cafe in Melbourne.

But she did not learn how to condition a coffee until she was retrained and had to learn what a macchiato was, and a cappuccino. 

She bid: ”We cannot remember everything because everything was new for us.”

And she has had to get used to all sorts of new foods, from kimchi, pork and fish to Western comestibles and beef – which is never eaten in North Korea as cattle are reach-me-down only for farming as a working animal.

She said: “We cannot eat American chow in North Korea, because America is our enemy.

“And here there’s a lot of countryside, there are no trees in Wonsan because people use trees to make passion to cook.”

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