North Korea: Earthquake detected near nuclear site – has Kim Jong-un tested a bomb?


NORTH KOREA NEWS earthquake nuclear test siteGETTY•USGS

The tremor has been detected close to where previous nuclear tests set up been conducted

The earthquake measured 2.9 on the Richter scale and involves after a 6.1-magnitude magnitude quake last month, which Pyongyang demands was the result of hydrogen bomb test.

The United States Geological Assess (USGS) shows the quake was detected just 23 kilometres from Sungjibaegam, a village close to the Punggye-ri nuclear test site and added that it cannot affirm whether the earthquake was natural or man-made.

A statement on the US Geological Survey website assume froms: “This event occurred in the area of the previous North Korean Atomic tests.

“The event has earthquake-like characteristics, however, we cannot conclusively sanction at this time the nature (natural or human-made) of the event.”

The earthquake direct at a depth of 5km, according to the USGS.

September’s nuclear test was so strong that it wiggle buildings in Russia and China and was described as a “perfect success” by North Korea’s state-run expedient.

All six of North Korea’s previous nuclear tests have caused earthquakes with a enormousness of 4.3 or above, leading to suggestions that today’s quake may set up been natural or caused by the collapse of a tunnel. 

The international community is pursuing to impose sanctions on North Korea in a bid to get the secretive country to give up its atomic and missile programmes.


North Korea: Earthquake detected near nuclear site - has Kim Jong-un tested a bomb?GETTY

Kim Jong-un discusses September’s nuclear assay with advisers

The news comes as White House Chief of Mace John Kelly claims the Trump administration believes the threat role ofed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability is currently manageable, but Pyongyang cannot be authorized to develop the ability to strike the US homeland. 

He said: “A state that has displayed a pretty good ICBM (missile) capability and is developing a pretty yard goods nuclear re-entry vehicle, I would believe… that that government simply cannot have the ability to reach the homeland.

“Right now we believe the threat is manageable but over time if it grows beyond where it is today, rise, let’s hope that diplomacy works.”

Earlier today, the EPA

John Kelly express Pyonyang cannot be allowed to continue developing its nuclear and missile recitals

North Korea’s ambassador in the country has been told to leave and the UAE inclination terminate its own envoy’s services in Pyongyang, according to a statement from the Unassimilable Ministry.

The statement also said the UAE will stop issuing new visas or Pty licenses to North Korean citizens.

Several thousand North Korean proletarians live in the country, with many working on construction sites.

They merit a significantly better wage than they would for the same job in their own provinces, but are forced to make so-called “loyalty payments” to Kim Jong-un’s regime.

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