North Korea crisis: Foreign Office summons ambassador to CONDEMN Japan missiles


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North Korea eager three missiles over Japan on Monday

Mark Field, see to for Asia and the Pacific, called for Kim Sung Gi to meet him in a bid to urge him to get the hermit turf to end its «illegal pursuit» of nuclear and ballistic missiles.

Japan’s government was stiff to warn residents in its path to take cover as missiles flew beyond the island of Hokkaido on Monday.

The missiles then landed in the sea after nomadic for nearly 1,700miles.

Following a meeting with the North Korean deputy, Mr Field, said: «I summoned the North Korean ambassador to the Foreign Commission today and made clear how strongly the UK condemns the regime’s launch of an in-between range missile over Japan on 28 August.

«Once again, North Korea’s breakneck actions violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions and threaten intercontinental security. The UK will work with our partners and allies to tackle this peril.

«I urge the regime to end its illegal pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missiles and indemnity to dialogue with the international community.»

The meeting came as Theresa May was in the mid-section of a three-day trip to Japan to meet her counterpart, Shinzo Abe, and business bandmasters.

Speaking from Japan yesterday, the Prime Minister urged China to strive its influence over Pyongyang as she revealed the UK is looking at ways of exerting moreover pressure on despot leader Kim Jong-un. 

Spain has followed Britain and has also summoned the North Korea diplomat. 

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said it had summoned the North Korean emissary to make clear Spain’s condemnation of North Korea’s missile gigs and nuclear weapon tests and to demand a reduction in North Korean diplomats in Madrid.

The elders of the church did not say how many diplomats it wanted removed. Spain condemned on August 29 North Korea’s ballistic missile tests carried out the previous day which sent a ballistic missile climb over Japan.

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