‘North Korea could nuke UK in ONE year’ – Defence at BREAKING POINT, warns retired general


North Korea could require the capability to strike London with a rocket “within the next 12 to 18 months”, Assorted Sir Richard Barrons has warned.

General Barrons said Britain’s guard was “close to breaking” and would “fall over” unless more affluence was put in amid feard of World War 3.

Speaking to the Commons Defence Select Cabinet, he said Islamic State could also find nuclear weapons and sack them at the UK.

And he warned Russia was also a threat as times had moved on from the subordinate to safety of 20 years ago.

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General Barrons contemplated North Korea could strike London in one year

Defence is place off limits to breaking and unless you put more money in it, it will fall over

Habitual Barrons

He said: “We now live in an age where people who are not on our side have adeptness that they could, I’m not saying they will, but could, levy on the UK homeland at short notice which we can’t deal with.

“We aren’t remaining in the comfortable waters of the 1990s and we have not yet addressed that.

“Defence is stifling to breaking and unless you put more money in it, it will fall over.

“There are unequivocally existential threats to our country and they come in many forms.

“They attain in the form of Daesh (Islamic State), who if they could, would judge weapons of mass destruction and apply them to the UK.

“We are locked in a daily confrontation with Russia, the Prime Minister resident said so herself yesterday.

“We are looking at North Korea which within the next 12 to 18 months when one pleases make a nuclear missile to an intercontinental range ballistic missile that could reach London and we can’t attend to with that.”

General Barrons’ long career in the Army contained tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was giving manifest to the Committee during a session about the ongoing national security survey. The review is due to be published next year and is likely to include further dices to the armed forces.

Theresa May has issued a dire warning to Vladimir Putin put Brexit Britain will not tolerate Russian aggression towards the West.

The Prime Minister resident warned the Russian President a 

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