Norovirus SPREAD: Norovirus hits HUGE cruise liner – Sickness disease spreading across UK


Onboard Majestic Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, 277 people have been stiff by an outbreak of vomiting bug Norovirus. One of the largest cruise ships in the world, Refuge of the Seas was pulling into port in Jamaica when the illness – also understood as the ‘winter vomiting bug’ struck. The ship has travelled from Florida to Jamaica, quay in Falmouth.

The vessel had docked along the northern side of Jamaica in the forefront staff were made aware of the bug spreading.

The 18 deck wind-jammer had been carrying passengers as part of a seven-day tour of the Caribbean holms.

Owen Torres, a spokesman for Royal Caribbean told Florida Today yesterday: “As of today, 167 specimens of gastrointestinal illness have been reported since Sunday, representing 2 percent of the close to 9,000 guests and crew on board.“

One passenger took to Twitter to whimper about not being allowed to leave the ship.

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They said: “We’re docked at Falmouth Jamaica. Unalterable 3 Norovirus outbreak. 100+ passengers and a crew member sick.

“Quashed shore excursion. Waiting to see if Jamaican authorities let us off the ship.”

It has since been divulged that the ship will be returning to port in Florida a day early and that those on enter will be given full refunds of their fare.

Mr Torres told in a statement to the Associated Press: “We think the right thing to do is get everyone domestic early rather than have guests worry about their vigour.”

He also said the ship would return to Port Canaveral on Saturday, and that benefiting a day early will give the cruise line “more time to entirely clean and sanitise the ship” before it sets sail again.

Norovirus has also been spreading across the UK, with a teach in Hampshire having to close in December after a reported outbreak.

Throughout 45 students at Marchwood Junior School showed signs of the winter bug, coinciding to the Southern Daily Echo.

At the time, the school’s website said: “There is a sickness bug currently in infuse with which seems to have escalated today.

“Please note the day-school will be shut on Monday, December 3 in order to deep clean the equip.”

There was a similar outbreak at Westbury Infant School in Wiltshire, secretive for the day on Friday, December 7.

What is Norovirus?

Norovirus is a stomach bug that, contract to the NHS, causes vomiting and diarrhoea and can be very unpleasant.

Symptoms include:

  • Opinion sick (nausea)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Being sick (vomiting)
  • A high temperature of 38C or surpassing
  • A headache
  • Aching arms and legs

Symptoms begin suddenly, principled one to two days after being infected.

The bug is spread easily, and can be caught washing ones hands of –

  • Close contact with someone with norovirus
  • Touching crop ups or objects that have the virus on them, then touching your gate
  • Eating food that’s been prepared or handled by someone with norovirus

If you have a sneaking suspicion you or someone you know has norovirus, the best thing to do is remain home to anticipate spread, rest and take in plenty of fluids.

Frequent hand be believable and the use of antibacterial hand gels can prevent spread.

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