Norovirus hits Sun Princess cruise ship for THIRD time THIS year with 91 guests infected


A dread norovirus gastro bug has swept across a Sun Princess cruise ship, set righting dozens of passengers ill.

The bug has caused 91 people to be affected out of the 2,000 rider cruise liner as it embarked on a ten-day cruise of the South Pacific.

It was documented that the first case was found on the first day of the cruise.

The ship adulterated in Brisbane last Thursday as the norovirus bug swept the ship, which was then shelved due to the sickness.

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A Sun Princess cruise ship has been afflicted down with a norovirus bug

When a cruise ship is infected, it can rapidly spread due to the contained nature of travel.

The Sun Princess cruise liner upheld that workers were performing a ‘deep clean’ of the ship and connector.

Crown Princess in Jamaica

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Crown Princess in Jamaica

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The norovirus bug has hit 91 individual onboard the Sun Princess cruise liner

Everyone was told to take precautions, listing washing their hands

Colleen Barnett

Colleen Barnett, a traveller onboard the passenger ship, told Yahoo Australia: «Everyone was recounted to take precautions, including washing their hands.”

Carnival Australia, proprietor of Sun Princess commented on the outbreak: «Consistent with current public condition alerts that norovirus and influenza are widespread in the general community in NSW, Victoria and Queensland mutatis mutandis, proactive and successful steps were taken on board Sun Princess to limit any spread of the malady. 

«The first case was reported on day one of the cruise, suggesting the illness was introduced to the embark during embarkation in Brisbane.» 

Brisbane’s Metro North Public Salubriousness Unit confirmed the outbreak had affected 91 people with the gastro bug.

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The coast ship docked at Brisbane as it cleaned the ship to rid of the contagious norovirus bug

The norovirus gastro bug can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

It is extremely contagious, which is why it is so critical for cruise ships to catch the virus quickly.

The virus can even end for days on surfaces such as clothing which is why it is hard to contain.

Anyone who has had the bug should arrest out of contact with people for up to 48 hours.