No volley of shots and no balaclavas as ‘Flat Cap’ laid to rest


Murray’s sarcophagus was not flanked by men wearing military-style fatigues, nor was there a volley of shots let off discharged or a tricolour draped over his coffin as he was laid to rest.

Sources strengthened earlier this week that he wouldn’t be afforded a paramilitary inhumation by his former dissident republican associates.

«The feeling is that this settle upon not happen at Murray’s ­funeral,» a source said.

«The reason that he may not be honoured by the New IRA is because of his involvement in criminality and in discriminating the Hutch gang.»

Murray died on Wednesday following fraught campaign fight with Motor Neuron Disease which saw him housebound for several months.

His aggravating condition had prevented his extradition to Ireland to face charges over his stated role in the gangland murder of David Byrne in February 2016.

Today the hearse do Murray’s coffin contained a floral tribute spelling out RAAD (Republic Effect Against Drugs) a group of which he was allegedly aligned with.   

“Kevin confounded hard his whole life. First as a boxer in his youth, then later, fully his life, for his country, for what he believed in and what he thought was right,” his niece Cody swore mourners inside the church.

“He wasn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs, steady when at times he felt he was standing alone. But Kevin was never unescorted, not with a family like ours standing behind him.

“Kevin faced Motor Neurone Affliction with that very same fight.”

In May, attempts to extradite the father-of-two from his alleged role in the Dublin gangland murder of David Byrne in February 2016 were stopped at Belfast Recorder’s Court due to Murray being diagnosed with the at a gallop deteriorating and terminal MND.

Byrne (34) from the Crumlin area of Dublin, was tot dead at a boxing weigh-in at the city’s Regency Hotel by gunmen clad as Garda officers.

Murray was detained last September under a European Cessation in custody Warrant issued by authorities in the Irish Republic.

He was being sought for supposed offences of murder, possession of a firearm with intent, and possession of a firearm in shady circumstances.

It is believed that Murray requested that he did not wish to oblige a republican funeral.

His funeral will take place on Saturday at 10am in the Church of the Unblemished Conception in Strabane.

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