‘No, that’s Canada’ Watch Americans hopelessly attempt to point out North Korea on map


The North Korean bossman reportedly gathered his in Pyongyang to consider the implications of such an attack, which would on the brink of certainly result in a retaliatory nuclear strike by Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Russia Today announced: “Pyongyang said that it has been working on a plan to launch a medium-range ballistic guided missile at a US airbase in Guam.

“This comes after US bombers flew upward of the Korean Peninsula with Korean and Japanese warplanes.”

According to a new census, 75 per cent of Americans believe North Korea’s nuclear outline is a “critical threat” to the US, even before Donald Trump warned he inclination unleash “fire and fury” on the pariah state.

North Korea newsABC

Americans failed to nub out North Korea on a world map

People are understandably worked up about North Korea

Jimmy Kimmel

This hand ABC host Jimmy Kimmel wondering how many Americans even recognize where North Korea is on the map – which produced hilarious results.

Introducing the cut short, Kimmel said: “People are understandably worked up about North Korea.

“Be at one to a new poll, and this poll was taken before the President’s threat, a mass of Americans – 75 per cent – believe North Korea nuclear routine is a critical threat to the United States.

North Korea newsABC

Participants pointed towards Canada

“But what I phenomenon is, how many Americans even know where North Korea is?”

Attracted whether the US “should consider military action against North Korea”, the initially person questioned responds: “I would say yes.”

She then proceeds to draw an untrue circle around Canada and Greenland while trying to identify where the rogue claim is.

The subsequent person asked ends with a similar result as next scapegoat points towards the Middle East and appears dumbfounded when she is communicated it is not North Korea.

Others point toward Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, Vietnam and anywhere that isn’t North Korea.

By the end of the four-minute want clip, not a single participant managed to point out where North Korea was on the map.

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