No sign of Péladeau returning to Quebecor soon: Mulroney


Péladeau resigned as rti Québécois chief on May 2

CBC News Posted: May 12, 2016 2:34 PM ET Last Updated: May 12, 2016 2:34 PM ET

Pierre Karl Péladeau hasn’t indicated he is interested in returning to Quebecor Inc. any later soon, according to com ny board chair Brian Mulroney.

Péladeau unexpectedly give up as leader of the rti Québécois and resigned his seat in Quebec’s National Congress on May 2, saying he chose to focus on his family instead of pursuing his administrative career.

Asked by reporters at Quebecor’s annual meeting in Montreal on Thursday whether Péladeau, who is the controlling shareholder of the associates, will be back, Mulroney responded: «He has expressed no interest in returning to the establishment in a decision-making ca city in the foreseeable future.»

Péladeau didn’t appear at the Quebecor annual engagement, but Mulroney read a statement from him in which he expressed his confidence in the assembly’s current management team.

Earlier Thursday, Quebecor said it was increasing its quarterly dividend to 4.5 cents per share from 3.5 cents per y out, yable June 21.

The Montreal-based rent of Videotron said its first-quarter proceeds grew five per cent to $975.4 million from $929
million, while net profits more than doubled to $69.9 million from $29.4 million.

With registers from The Canadian Press

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