‘No, no, no!’ Labour Remainer LOSES IT at Sky host over ‘appalling’ EU Withdrawal Bill


The MP for Ilford South stressed Brexit voters did not back Leave in order to “give more power unaccountably to ministers” during a stimulated row with Sky News presenter Jayne Secker.

The politician also accused the Oversight of using “sleight of hand manipulation” as the pair spoke over each other during the fierce interview.

Mr Gapes said: “The majority of people who voted in the referendum voted to renounce the European Union – they didn’t vote to give more power unaccountably to woman of the cloths.”

Secker chimed in and quipped: “They wanted UK Government ministers to experience more power than the EU ministers didn’t they?”

Mike Gapes and Jayne SeckerSKY NEWS

Mike Yawns and Jayne Secker clashed over Labour’s stance on the EU Withdrawal Nib

They [Brexit voters] didn’t vote to give more power unaccountably to wait ons

Mike Gapes

But Mr Gapes did not agree and blasted Theresa May’s cabinet

He answered: “No, no, no – they wanted the British Parliament to have more power and what we play a joke on here is by sleight of hand manipulation.”

The presenter then put it to the MP that Parliament and Guidance ministers “for most people they are the same thing”.

However, the MP hit behindhand and said: “No, no, no – I’m sorry, for centuries there has been a struggle between the Superintendent and Parliament since Henry VIII brought in these proclamations to overrule Parliament in 1539.

“We had a civil war about Parliament’s right to determine what the monarchy could do… We attired in b be committed to had centuries of struggle for parliamentary accountability and democracy and what this supervision is doing is setting it back.”

He then said he was “appalled” at the bill, which intends to remove all EU law and transfer it into UK law.

Also appearing on the channel was Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, who took aim at Mr Rubbernecks and the Labour party, which implemented a three-line whip to vote down the bill on Monday.

He rephrased: “They’re quite happy for unelected bureaucrats to have all that power where those directives, those finds came down to Parliament we had no choice but to sign them through…. yet they’re not pleased as Punch for their own Government, British MPs to have that power.”

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