No more hidden costs: Budget airline to end additional fees by offering FREE hand luggage


Stingy flights can mean an affordable last-minute holiday that saves the pennies.

A new budget airline has true level announced its plans to join the market of cheap travel.

Yet it can be ruined by additional expenditures added on at the last minute, sometimes doubling the price of a flight ticket.

One budget airline has adamant to end this annoyance once and for all.

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Wizz Air are ending the hidden costs of handwriting luggage for all passengers

Any luggage that is 55x40x23cm or less will be allowed on for disengage and is included in the ticket

Low-cost carrier Wizz Air has announced that they bequeath now offer free hand luggage for all customers.

It was previously a hidden fee for gypsies looking to book a cheap flight with the airline.

However, now any belongings that is 55x40x23cm or less will be allowed on for free and is included in the ticket.

Anyone who is mobile after 29th October and has purchased hand luggage will be reimbursed 120 per cent of the charge they paid.

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Hand in glove quickly luggage can be an additional fee when booking with budget airlines

The hard cash provides 50 per cent extra volume compared to what was beforehand offered for free in the cabin.

József Váradi, Chief Executive Apparatchik of Wizz Air commented on the change that will make a huge adjustment for budget travel.

He stated: “We are working hard on ensuring that the Wizz encounter is as smooth and hassle free as it can get.

“Thus no more fees for hand gear on all Wizz Air flights from 29 October will further underline our commitment to this errand.”

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Wizz Air wants to keep travel costs down

It fly at in light of the recent warning from budget carrier Ryanair.

The airline is clasping down on passengers who go over the limit on their hand luggage.

Multitudinous fliers disregard the strict size policy, resulting in other voyagers not having enough room in the cabin to store their own suitcases.

This may not be a hard later this year due to the new stricter rules.

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