'NO JUSTIFICATION!' Sturgeon told to take second independence referendum off the table


The Scottish Nationalist conductor had claimed she was “not bluffing” in threatening a second independence referendum if Mrs May decided to leave of absence the EU’s single market.

But tonight Ms Sturgeon was left reeling after her peril was ignored by Mrs May and was mocked by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson for in default of to persuade Scots of her case.

Having previously claimed that self-government was “very likely” with Brexit, the Scottish First Minister phrased it was “more likely”.

She said: “It seems the Westminster Tory Government now concoct they can do anything to Scotland and get away with it. They must start to tolerate how wrong they are.”

Ms Sturgeon also called for “serious engagement” on her much derided proposal for Scotland to be allowed to remain in the single market even if the sleep of the UK leaves.

She said there is no evidence that proposal, or the rest of the Scottish Regime’s plan on the country’s future in Europe, had been considered, and she added that necessity change in “short order”.

But the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour postpone a summoned on the First Minister to rule out a second independence referendum.

Scottish Sober leader Ruth Davidson said: “The SNP should have the good enhance to accept that many of its own demands – including the protection of workers’ straightaways, the protection of rights for EU citizens in Britain, and cross-border co-operation on tackling wrong – have been recognised by the UK Government.

“Ever since the Brexit choose, the SNP has tried to use the result as an excuse for holding a divisive second referendum on self-determination.

“It has failed to persuade people in Scotland of that case. Now that the UK Administration has spelled out this plan of action, that case has collapsed in all respects.

“There is no justification whatsoever for that threat to be maintained. Nicola Sturgeon should now ukase a second referendum out and instead work to get the best deal out of Brexit for all of us across the UK.”

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