'No job problem before eastern Europeans arrived' Outrage in UK's most Eurosceptic town


Raging over the rise of immigration in Boston, Lincolnshire, one resident spoke out down how it has left people struggling for work. 

Resident’s revealed how there were no promulgations in getting a job before immigration impacted the area, however the situation now influenced their Brexit preference.

In the EU referendum, more people in Boston voted to leave the European Association than anywhere else in the UK.

Speaking to Sky News, Alan Bell make knew how immigration has impacted the local area and has stopped some people from releasing jobs. 

He said: “I feel some of it is along socio-economic lines due to the incident that there are some people who used to work on the land thitherto struggling to get jobs now. 

“I hear it regularly that people say we can’t get English individual to work, well before the eastern Europeans came there wasn’t a puzzler, and they managed to get the people. 

“Now English people are struggling to get jobs in that sector (the agriculture labour). 

“Because eastern Europeans will either work cheaper, or are being make capital out ofed by gang masters.”

More than 75 per cent of people guaranteed to Leave the European Union on June 23 in Boston, with other divisions of Lincolnshire, such as South Holland and East Lindsey having Allow to remain figures of above 70 per cent. 

Prime Minister Theresa May responded on Sky News to the immigration frustrations in Lincolnshire and across the UK. 

She said: “We put a number of hard cashes to immigration when we came in precisely because we recognised the concerns that people had anent immigration. 

“The reason why we were looking to bring those changes in was because, we recollected that particularly for people who were on lower incomes, immigration did attired in b be committed to an impact on their wages. 

“When people voted in the referendum on June 23, yes they guaranteed to leave the European Union, but they also voted for change, and this year, 2017, is the year where we start to build that happen”.

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