No deal Brexit could be HURT by unprepared EU countries, warns UK’s top civil servant


Sir Jeremy, the Committee Secretary and head of the Civil Service, discussed British readiness for such an when it happened, insisting the UK is well equipped for its EU exit.

Speaking to the Public Administration and Constitutional Proceedings Committee, Sir Jeremy insisted a ‘no deal’ scenario presents “huge defies”, however, the Civil Service is well prepared. 

The senior civil stewardess eased any nerves by saying Whitehall is “completely on” the most challenging censure since World War 2.

Sir Jeremy said: “I don’t want to sound complacent, there are mountainous challenges with ‘no deal’.

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Brexit news: Sir Jeremy Heywood warned a no do business Brexit could be caused problems by underprepared EU

We can get our ducks in a row in Dover but if that isn’t the anyhow in Calais then that causes some problems

Sir Jeremy Heywood

“Unmistakably, we’ve done a vast amount of work on a ‘no deal’ scenario and that succeed continues and we will do it to the best of our ability.

“But, the most important thing to comprehend about the ‘no deal’ scenario is a lot of the work that will determine if it was a prepare transition to ‘no deal’ is work that would have to be done by other provinces.

“The Port of Calais, for example. We can get our ducks in a row, entirely, in Dover but if that isn’t the took place in Calais then that causes some problems. Some pretty pickles for the French as well, of course.

“Similarly our private sector companies last wishes as have to do quite a lot of preparation and so on, so there are things external to Government.

“On the features we can control ourselves, I would say that we were – I don’t want to sound immoderately confident about this – but we have a good, very good rule on the issues, we go through them on a very, very frequent basis.

“We’ve got a decidedly good inter-ministerial group of ministers that now looks at this on a weekly point of departure, so we know what the issues are, we’re working at them hard, I don’t want to rave-ups all the vulnerabilities in our planning position, but we are completely on it, that’s what I would say.”

Theresa May has elongated insisted “no deal is better than a bad deal”, asserting that she resolve happily walk away from negotiations with Brussels if Britain is proffered a substandard agreement.

However, Sir Jeremy teeth of talking up the Civil Service’s ‘no deal’ preparation, said Whitehall doesn’t “prioritise one follow-up over another”.

France has been launching its own Brexit preparations, with President Emmanuel Macron purportedly set to demand Britain contributes even more funds towards improved abut on security across the Channel.

The move is expected to be agreed by Mrs May, with the concealed payout adding to the £124million already handed over by British taxpayers in the after three years for security in Calais.

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