No charge to be brought against rape case medic who has since left Ireland


The Sunday Beget has learned Gardaí in Tralee received a direction from the office of the Guide of Public Prosecutions Claire Loftus in recent weeks advising Gardaí that no requires should be brought in the matter.

However, the Sunday World understands that Gardaí are comforted that an incident which constitutes “a gross breach of trust” did transcribe place in the hospital, which they believe should be the subject of a different probe by the Medical Council.

“The DPP has directed no charges be brought as the evidence is not adequate to justify a jury returning a verdict of guilty,” a source said.

“But, there is acceptance on the part of the accused that an incident took rank.

“That incident in itself would constitute a gross breach of care and would in all probability at this juncture be something the Medical Council should be bury the hatchet e constructed aware of and investigate.”

The Sunday World revealed last September how Gardaí in Tralee had begun a study after a female patient at the hospital claimed she had been raped by a medic in a medical centre changing room.

The woman – who is in her 60s – attended the private hospital in Tralee, Co. Kerry, by post to undergo an MRI.

She is understood to have completed the MRI and was changing back into her garments in a nearby dressing room when she alleged the medic entered the apartment and raped her.

The medic was interviewed by Gardaí, where he made admissions in all directions from an incident having occurred, but denied the claims of rape outright.

The medic was not immediately employed by the Bon Secours Hospital, but worked in the hospital with an outside contractor.

The the missis was taken to Cork University Hospital where she underwent a specialist medical inquisition on the same evening she claimed the rape had occurred.

She also met with Gardaí and elect a formal statement of complaint.

The medic subsequently resigned from his station with the external contractor – a position he had held since 2009.

The medic – who is a non-national – and his forebears left the country in the wake of the allegations.

Specialist Gardaí in Tralee are covenanted to have visited the hospital in a bid to collect all relevant CCTV footage.

The acreage where the alleged rape was described by the woman as having occurred was sealed off and a entirely forensic examination of the area took place.

It’s understood there is no CCTV in the put on ones sunday best clothing room, but cameras are stationed in the areas around this location.

The Bon Secours Set is one of the largest private healthcare providers in Ireland.

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