Nissan Brexit assurances clarity sought by Welsh minister


Brexit audacities which have convinced Ja nese car giant Nissan to stay in the UK should also be allowed to Welsh firms, the economy secretary has said.

Ken Skates has written to UK Firm Secretary Greg Clark seeking “clarity” on the “exact nature” of the pledge.

Nissan promised to invest in its Sunderland plant after “support and assurances” about the UK’s tomorrow.

Mr Skates said the terms of Brexit “cannot be handled on a piecemeal, factory-by-factory base”.

Despite fears that Brexit might result in tariffs and other profession barriers on UK-produced cars, Nissan has promised to build two new ranges in Sunderland, defending thousands of jobs.

Downing Street has said its discussions with the unwavering had been “open and honest”, but Mr Clark told MPs on Monday he would not divulge his letter to Nissan because it contained sensitive commercial details.

In September, Mr Skates utter Ford’s announcement of cuts in production at its Bridgend engine plant mortified the need for continued free trade, although the firm itself had not presupposed Brexit as a reason.

Writing to Mr Clark, Mr Skates said: “From the news permen coverage, it appears that the UK government has offered a substantial ckage of sustain to Nissan.

“I would welcome detail and clarification on the exact nature and unalterable of support offered.

“I would also welcome clarification in relation to Welsh car makers and how other industries can access similar ckages of support and how this devise be funded.

“The UK’s exit from the EU could im ct on a number of com nies, which in fire can benefit from support should they choose to remain in the UK.”

Defining the reasons for his letter, Mr Skates said the UK government should not disadvantage the Welsh restraint “by giving privileged information about our possible future trading relationship with the EU to organizations over the border – or even overseas – that is unavailable to com nies here in Wales”.

“Push the EU needs to be managed much more carefully than it currently is by the UK administration if they wish to avoid badly damaging business and investor conviction,” he added.

On Monday in the Commons, Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon asked Mr Clark if he pleasure be talking to her local Ford car plant “on the same lines” as Nissan.

In reply, the evangelist said the UK government wanted “to maintain the competitiveness of the whole automotive sector”.

“We lust after to build on the strengths that it has in every rt of the United Kingdom, tabulating in her constituency, so that it can prosper in the future,” he said.

“I hope that that desire be welcomed.”

Meanwhile First Minister Carwyn Jones denounced the UK domination’s approach to Brexit and trade as a “complete and utter shambles”.

“I do not believe for one damaged that Nissan were persuaded to invest in Sunderland on the vague commitment that the UK government would try not to have tariffs imposed on the automotive sector,” he told AMs during Before all Minister’s Questions on Tuesday.

“What about steel? What near aeros ce? What about every other sector in the Welsh saving that’s important?

“It shows a troubling, piecemeal approach to this to a certain extent than an overarching strategy,” he said.

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