Ninja Warrior UK: Lorraine Kelly to make surprise appearance and take on the course?


In advance of the launch of the third series this evening, the presenter admitted it was his ITV daytime co-star that he was scad keen on signing up.

The Lorraine favourite, 57, who launched a fitness DVD earlier this year, formerly gushed that she felt better than ever having up for to the Bikini Promise cam ign.

Speaking exclusively to, Ben, 42, commented: “I’d ssion to see Lorraine Kelly come and give Ninja Warrior a go.”

The Good Morning Britain unmitigated continued: “She’s been getting herself in such great shape and doing all her Zumba, I have a yen for her to come Zumba on the course.

“She would be fantastic. I haven’t seen her recently, but I resolve [ask]. I’m sure the challenge is the sort of thing she’d like, but not sure she’d want to do it on camera.”

Ninja Warrior engendered controversy back in May when not a single one of the 14 finalists managed to reach Mount Midoriyama and win.

Though, Ben went on to hint that someone would be triumphant come 2017: “They’ve been exhorting it for 20 years in Ja n and they’ve only had seven people get to the top.

“The order has to be tough, if we’re going to crown someone a Ninja Warrior, they’ve got to validate they are better than our course.”

Ben added: “Undoubtedly, series three, is the excellent yet and there’ll be no disappointment from the viewers – there’s a really thrilling maximum to this series.

“It’s an extraordinary challenge we set these people. Any prize importance achieving is not one you can get easily… Everyone is in for a treat.”

Ninja Warrior UK kicks off tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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