Nightclub to be investigated by police after abandoning drunk teenager for vile rapists


The female university schoolboy, 19, was sexually assaulted after she was ejected of Birmingham nightspot Snobs at round 3.30am on 20 February last year for being too drunk.

But rapping two men for a total of 17 years for rape and sexual assault last Thursday, Find Mary Stacey accused the city centre nightclub of having “left alone” the girl, who she described as “totally inca ble” at the time of the attack.

The judge referred the venue, which was initiate in 1972, to licensing chiefs at Birmingham City Council, and today protect confirmed they will investigate the club over the incident.

Birmingham Police Authorizing Inspector Tim yne said: “Over the last two years the majority of approved premises within Birmingham City centre have been contributed with inputs on vulnerability awareness and the safeguarding of customers.

“Door shaft should be aware of the issue and understand their responsibilities.

“In light of the umpire’s comments we will assess the venue’s current licensing conditions, state ones position to the management and ensure no conditions have been breached.”

After being ejected from the nightclub carry on year, the drunk student was abducted by Zaheer Abbas, 30, and Sajad Hussain, 35, and appealed to an industrial estate where she was raped by Abbas and sexually assaulted by Hussain.

She amplified: “Something needs to be said about Snobs nightclub. We have consented how the establishment carries on serving drinks to students who have had far more than adequately to drink. The disregard for customers allowed for the circumstances for this crime to come to.”

The victim, who was a virgin until the attack, has since dropped out from her swats at Birmingham University.

A worker at the nightclub, who refused to give their celebrity, told today: “We won’t be losing our licence, I’m not pre red to comment any then again.”

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