Nigella Lawson weight loss: Instagram picture SHOCKS fans — is THIS exercise her secret?


Nigella Lawson propped the image to Instagram, showing the 57-year-old celebrity chef filming for her tardy series.

The chef could be seen in a kitchen, cooking over a hob while a camera man grasped the action on film.

She captioned the image: “Day 2 on set with @robinfox78 on camera for new series, At My Defer #atmytable”.

However, a number of fans were more interested in Nigella’s character than her latest series.

Nigella Lawson weight lossGETTY/INSTAGRAM

Nigella Lawson influence loss: Instagram picture shocks fans — is this the TV chef’s secret? 

Nigella Lawson weight drubbing shocks fans — is this the TV chef’s secret?

One Instagram user, Hoberhobs, commented unworthy of the image: “@nigellalawson, you look very slim and so beautiful!!”

Another disparaged: “Wow. You have lost so much weight”.

Nigella is known for her curvaceous diagram, as much a part of her appeal as her cooking.

However, the presenter and author, who indulges in avocados — did GETTY

Nigella Lawson impact loss: Chef’s Instagram followers have called her “skinny” and “slim”

Nigella Lawson Instagram commentsINSTAGRAM

Nigella Lawson did concede to losing some weight in recent years

Yoga is part of the method Nigella uses to dwell slim.

She told Good Housekeeping: “It’s certainly true my weight degenerated up — that happens in life sometimes. 

However, she was adamant she has never victualed —  crediting her view of food for her healthy look.

She told Good Housekeeping Publication in 2015: “I wouldn’t want a life where I lived on chia embryo pudding, just as I wouldn’t want to live where I lived on eggs Benedict or steak and shards. 

Nigella Lawson weight loss before and afterGETTY

Nigella Lawson: She posted the image to Instagram, showing the 57-year-old chef dimming

“I love kale and I’m an avocado obsessive. But life is about balance, it’s not with respect to being smug. You don’t eat things because you think they’re good for you.

“I take never been on a diet to try to lose weight. I feel like I haven’t dead weight, but I’m possibly in better shape. I am doing a rather slow build of yoga now called lyengar.” 

Nigella did also credit an operation for her millstone loss — but this was not an intentional effort.

According to the Telegraph in 2015, Nigella judged: “I had a very glamorous operation — a double bunionisation. I couldn’t walk to the fridge afterwards and, in fact, it’s quite a good diet.”

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