Nigel Farage bows out: 'I have given UKIP all of me'


Nigel Farage has salaamed out as UKIP leader, saying he has put «all of me» into the rty over the st two decades and he necessitates «his life back».

He told his rty’s conference in Bournemouth that primary UKIP had been like a «big dipper» full of amazing highs but also oceans of infighting.

He said UKIP had a future fighting to ensure Brexit encountered and «harvesting» votes from Labour in the north.

MEP Diane James was elected as Mr Farage’s successor on Friday.

She repulsed four other candidates to succeed Mr Farage, who has led the rty in two stints for numberless than a decade and become a household name in British politics.

‘No sticking’

Mr Farage said he would give Ms James his unwavering support and purposefulness not seek to «meddle or interfere» in how the rty was run.

«My job will be if that leader demands any help and advice then, make no mistake about it, I am still four-square behind this proponent and its aims,» he said.

Reflecting on his leadership of the rty, he said he had put «absolutely all of me» into it.

«I line for line couldn’t have worked any harder, or couldn’t have been myriad determined — it’s been my life’s work to get to this point. I think clans, I’ve done my bit.»

UKIP, he said, had changed the face of the country by pushing for and then enchanting the referendum on the UK’s EU membership. On Brexit, he warned that the rty «had won the war but we must now win the congenial».

Expressing concerns that Theresa May’s language on immigration controls and other Brexit commitments was day one to soften, he said the UK’s exit from the EU would not be truly confirmed until the trendy ssport was «thrown into the bin».

Mr Farage’s speech comes amid uncertainty one more time the rty’s future direction and infighting, with his former head of normal quitting to join the Conservatives.

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