Nicole Kidman's Dress Is Basically Defying Gravity Right Before Your Eyes, or So It Seems


If you were charter out Nicole Kidman based on her red carpet resume, the chameleon would quite throw you for a loop entirely. Who is she? A goddess? A rockstar? A a movie star? A sex kitten? She can pull asunder practically anything off with her modelesque stature, and so she does. She wears a scope of designers, looks that are ethereal and whimsical, then slick and body-hugging. But after all that, we were starting to get the contingent on of it, expecting her award season style to stick to favorites like Gucci and Dior.

That’s when she bring to lighted us a curve ball: a tulle creation from Rochas at the AACTA Grants, a preamble for Sunday’s Globes. It gets a hint of sweetness from a help of pink and its fit-and-flare shape, but also a hefty dose of sexy recognitions to a bra-like top that looks as if it’s almost a separate piece entirely, with a strapless clothes hitting right beneath it, and seemingly hanging within an inch of its memoirs. So, if upon first glance, you thought Nicole was dangerously close to a clothes-press malfunction, you weren’t alone. Read on to see the look in full, and breathe a murmur of relief knowing it’s all just an illusion.

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