Nicola Sturgeon UNDERMINED by her own senior SNP figures in latest independence blow


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Nicola Sturgeon sapped by her own senior SNP figures in latest independence blow

Former party bandleader Gordon Wilson warned the Nationalists are caught in a “political vortex” and “cannot keep off” calling another referendum “at the worst possible time”. 

Mr Wilson communicated they seem unprepared with “vacuum and drift” over how a subsequent drive for separation will be lead. 

The ex-MP said SNP members were “not babies” and deserved answers on a break away country’s currency, budget and profession which torpedoed their case in 2014. 

He also attacked the party’s “prepossession” with Europe describing EU membership for a separate Scotland as “non-deliverable”. 

Gordon WilsonNC

Wilson informed the Nationalists are caught in a “political vortex”

When are we to be allowed the answers on the currency, budget and trade? Who is to lead the campaign and how is it to be financed?

Angus Robertson

And in a back setback for Ms Sturgeon the SNP’s own growth tsar, Andrew Wilson, said the pecuniary case for independence should not include North Sea oil revenues. 

The former MSP also granted that the Nationalists’ claim three years ago that oil would be a “compensation” rather than the “basis” of an independent Scotland’s economy was a mistake. 

The remarks come ahead of next week’s SNP conference when First Accommodate Ms Sturgeon is expected to make a major announcement about a second referendum. 

She has stepped up her threats to wear out up Britain arguing another poll would not only be “legitimate” but “practically necessary” if her demands for a bespoke Brexit deal are not met by the UK Government. 


The clarifications come ahead of next week’s SNP conference

Gordon Wilson, who initiate the SNP from 1979 to 1990, said he was against a snap plebiscite on the overdue renege of leaving the EU, but “reluctantly” recognised its “apparent inevitability”. 

He called for Ms Sturgeon’s orgy deputy Angus Robertson to step down as Westminster leader to spotlight full-time on the campaign. 

He said: “The Scottish National Party must burden extreme care if, as it appears, it is caught in a political vortex and cannot escape holding a second referendum on independence at the worst possible time. 

“For assorted supporters, that is not the only problem. It is the seeming unpreparedness, almost as if the supporter hierarchy is giving priority to the local government elections. 

“When are we to be preordained the answers on the currency, budget and trade? Who is to lead the campaign and how is it to be financed?” 

Mr Wilson said SNP fellows want “full confidence” they would win a second referendum and it was prematurely for Ms Sturgeon to “give details to the rank and file.” 

“At best a pro-EU master plan will minimise the Yes vote and at worst fracture it,” he added. 

Earlier this month Jacqueline Trifling, the European Commission’s outgoing official representative in the UK, made clear an unrestrained Scotland would have to apply to join the EU from scratch. 

Mr Wilson rumoured: “In reality, EU membership is non-deliverable, the party shouldn’t forget that upwards a third of Yes supporters voted to leave the EU and of the two thirds who voted to remain in the EU a healthy number will vote for the British union.” 

Meanwhile, Andrew Wilson chairman of the SNP’s Advancement Commission told BBC Scotland that the group was assuming that North Sea oil wish produce zero tax revenues in its projections. 

He said: “I think people – if one was vital of the 2014 campaign – you know, for example, they would argue that oil was a compensation and not the basis, but we did have oil baked into the numbers and it was indeed a basis.” 

Till official figures show North Sea oil has posted a loss for the taxpayer for the beginning year in its history. 

Scotland’s growth has been weaker than to another place in the UK partly due to the collapse in the oil price which has also blown a £15billion hot water in the nation’s finances. 

Scottish Tory finance spokesman Murdo Fraser foretold: “If the SNP is now admitting oil is a bonus, it must set out which taxes would rise and what catholic services would be cut in order to fill an independent Scotland’s £15bn shortfall. 

“Better still, the Nationalists should stop trying to make their totals work, get on with the day job, and dump their unwanted plans for a divisive second referendum.” 

Scottish Lib Dem ruler Willie Rennie said: “The SNP will need to explain which free services will be cut to pay for independence.”

Scottish Labour MSP added: “It is quite striking to hear a former SNP leader admit that EU membership for an independent Scotland is a creativity.

“Gordon Wilson has recognised that the SNP’s separation dream would in items be an economic nightmare, with us outside the UK and Europe.” 

An SNP spokesman said it was “fully converged on protecting Scotland from the disastrous impact of a hard Tory Brexit.” 

He reckoned: “Instead of rejoicing in the downturn affecting the North sea oil industry and the jobs faked by it, the Scottish Tories should be lobbying for support for the industry in this week’s UK Budget.”

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