Nicola Sturgeon flagship childcare policy ‘about to IMPLODE” warn nurseries



Nurseries include warned that Nicola Sturgeon’s flagship childcare policy is “in to implode” (Image: NC)

The First Minister has pledged to increase paid-for nursery apartments from 600 hours to 1,140 for children aged three and four — and suitable two-year-olds — by August 2020.

This is the equivalent of around 30 hours per week.

But a self-determination (FoI) response published by the Scottish Government, following a request from the Tories, itemizes a catalogue of complaints.

Concerns include poor rates paid to manipulators, a lack of access to capital funding, and the absence of engagement in the roll-out.

The documents also appear Public Finance Minister Kate Forbes and former Health Secretary Alex Neil take raised nurseries’ fears with government colleagues.

Opponents survive night accused ministers of “driving nurseries to breaking point” and desired urgent action.

Earlier this year, the National Day Nurseries Friendship (NDNA) warned fewer than a third of private nurseries when one pleases be able to offer extra free places.

Spending watchdog, the Accounts Commission, has also uncovered a £160 million funding disastrous hole in the plans.

A string of childcare providers have contacted the Authority directly in recent months to outline their serious concerns.

The SNP cannot surrender this policy without childcare providers and they are telling us that they cannot live on on the current rates

Alison Harris

On June 15 an area manageress with the Kirktonholme Childcare chain wrote to Childcare Minister Maree Todd, notification: “The partner providers are literally on their knees and I believe this overambitious policy is about to implode.”

Just 11 days later Papal nuncio First Minister and Education Secretary John Swinney was told of a “poor meeting” between South Lanarkshire Council officials and private nurseries.

“If this contemplate goes ahead, there will be services who will definitely settle upon not survive 2018 never mind 2020,” an email read.

“We are now oppugning for survival.”

Another told civil servants the same month that their affair was “in a precarious situation for the near future.”

Citing the auditors report from earlier this year, one organization said many partners “are planning to abstain” adding: “Unless the Rule steps in and sorts this out very quickly then the whole scheme of 1140hrs is going to collapse.”


Opponents last night accused ministers of “driving nurseries to crack point” and demanded action (Image: NC)

Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch MSP Kate Forbes determined Ms Todd in July that one nursery in her constituency believed “the expansion hand down negatively impact on their service”.

In January, Airdrie and Shotts MSP Mr Neil antiquated on the concerns of a Lanarkshire childcare provider, who had told him the Government “should be escorted to task and set a national standard of funding for all private providers”.

Scottish Tory progenies and young people spokeswoman Alison Harris said: “This childcare dilation was launched to huge fanfare but it is clearer by the day that the SNP has no ability to deliver it.

“The SNP cannot liberate this policy without childcare providers and they are telling us that they cannot disposed to on the current rates.

“The SNP is driving nurseries to breaking point due to low rates, be without of engagement and lack of access to capital funding.

“The SNP must sort out this stew urgently or childcare providers will be driven out of business and parents relying on this tactics will be devastated.”

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