Nicky Morgan: Why I’m proud to be a Brexit Mutineer


She is one of at least 15 True-blue MPs thought to be planning to vote against the Government on a Brexit date attachment to the European Union Withdrawal bill. They were dubbed the ‘Brexit mutineers’ by the Routine Telegraph.

Ms Morgan, chair of the Treasury Select Committee and MP for Loughborough, claimed that voting for the addendum could “tie” Britain’s negotiator’s hands. 

But the rebels have faced articulated abuse and threats of violence since being dubbed the Brexit Mutineers.

Essay on the Conservative Home website, Ms Morgan warned that trying to quiet critics of the Government was damaging British politics.

Nicky MorganGETTY

Nicky Morgan has been termed as a ‘Brexit Mutineer’


MPs are preparing to debate the EU Withdrawal Bill

It is not an affront to democracy for MPs to put down changes to bills, nor to oppose amendments laid by others

Nicky Morgan

She thought: “I don’t know who gave our 15 names to the Daily Telegraph last week, nor who unquestionable to label us as Mutineers.

“It is not an affront to democracy for MPs to put down amendments to bills, nor to grapple with amendments laid by others.

“Two unlikely mutineers, Dominic Grieve and Ken Clarke, set out most clearly their arguments for opposing the Government’s desire to include a unyielding exit date and time in the EU Withdrawal Bill. 

“If outside newspapers and organisations endure to attempt to stop MPs from questioning a key element of – as David Davis symbolized on Friday – the most important set of negotiations in the UK’s modern history, then we be undergoing a big problem in our political system.”

Ms Morgan said she did not want to see a Labour superintendence in Downing Street and insisted the way to keep Jeremy Corbyn from power was the Conservatives to put despatch an agenda which counters his policy proposals and tackles the domestic disputes face by voters in the UK.

She said: “I am grateful to all those who have fought late on behalf of us Mutineers (and some of them do not agree with us on Brexit) – on Warbling and Facebook and in letters to the press against those who have threatened us verbally and with corporal violence.

“When those pursuing a despatch of action which will affect Britain’s place in the world for decades to procure prefer to label us, and try to bully us into silence, rather than fight their case, that says much more about them that it does involving us. 

“If anything, last week has emboldened us further in putting forward the prove for a Brexit which respects the referendum result but does not undermine our control, our constitution nor our values as a country.”

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