Nick Ferrari HANGS UP on protestor after HUGE row erupts – ‘You haven’t got a clue!’


Roger Hallam, whose clime change protest group Extinction Rebellion stopped traffic and pinch vehicles travelling across London on Saturday, appeared to forget the reckon for his call on the LBC show this morning. When Mr Hallam explained that the set was rebelling against the British Government for “criminal” inaction relating to Arctic ice dissolve, Mr Ferrari grew weary. The radio host said: “You’re not answering me. I’m upsetting to ask you what policies would you like to see implemented in Britain?”

Mr Hallam responded: “I shortage the British government to reduce carbon emissions by 2025.”

Yet again, Mr Ferrari invited: “How? How are they going to do this?

“I don’t know whether you’re doing this wilfully. Are you suggesting that every car should be banned? Are you suggesting we should transplant more trees? Are you suggesting everyone should go to work on a bicycle?

“I’m disquieting to get to practical measures by which you want to get this done, Mr Hallam.”

But when he excessed a generic response again, Mr Ferrari said: “You don’t know, do you? You actually haven’t got a indicate.

“You know what you don’t like and I appreciate that. But you haven’t got a clue what you do necessitate.”

An awkward silence was filled by a stuttering Mr Hallam: “I’ve got lots of ideas near that. I’m not going to give you my ideas.”

In response, Mr Ferrari asked: “Why?”

The muddled activist replied: “We want to raise the issue.”

The radio host exploded: “Now we need the solution.”

The protester said: “I don’t think that’s the issue at the importance.”

The furious radio host responded: “So you and your colleagues just prerequisite to disrupt traffic.

“You say ‘I don’t know – I’ve got no ideas really. I just want to put an end you getting across a bridge.’ How puerile. How puerile you and your colleagues are.

“You’re bankrupt with fantasies. You’re all about a protest.”

After this barrage, Mr Hallam just alleged “Ummm.”

After the protestor repeatedly threatened to hang-up, Mr Ferrari unquestionable to cut the call short. He said: “You haven’t got a clue. I put down the phone onwards of you. Beaten you. Bad luck.” 

Eighty-five people were arrested as thousands of demonstrators move in five bridges in central London to voice their concern to the looming climate crisis on Saturday.

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