Nick Clegg reveals son’s cancer diagnosis


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Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his wife, Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, give birth to spoken for the first time about their son’s treatment for cancer.

Antonio, now 15, was determined with Hodgkin lymphoma last September.

After treatment at University College Facility in London, including chemotherapy, he is now in remission.

His parents told ITV’s Lorraine show how telling their eldest son he had blood cancer was one of the «toughest things» the parentage had faced.

«It is like a word bomb — certainly if you are not familiar with it, as we were not,» utter Mr Clegg.

«Your initial reaction, as we found, was like any mum or dad — it is irrational but you verging on have this physical wish to take it off your kid and take it yourself.»

  • The teenagers expanding up with cancer

Ms Gonzalez Durantez said Antonio had gone to his GP after verdict a small lump on his neck, which had not been particularly painful.

«We were completely lucky that he [the GP] spotted that it could be something more poker-faced,» she told host Lorraine Kelly.

«We dealt with it by carrying on and worrisome to keep things as close to the routine that we had beforehand and also being terribly open.

«The day that he was told, and I think that probably us telling him is one of the stringiest things that we have ever done, the following day he went to dogma, he stood up and he told everybody, ‘I have cancer.’

«That’s the way he dealt with it, but other lassies and other families deal with it in a different way, you have to find your way.»

Side to all intents

Mr Clegg said: «His lymphoma was all over his chest and his neck and he gets tested every three months, I over for a couple of years, so there is always a slight spike of anxiety with us every three months, but basically he is on the boulevard to recovery.

«Interestingly, the thing he was most concerned about was sort of lacking behind his classmates. His anxiety was more about keeping up with his classmates, hold back up at school. So, it was very impressive actually.»

He added the couple’s other women, Alberto and Miguel, had taken the news well.

«Once they heard from us that he wishes be OK, again they are just so, so practical — just, ‘OK then,'» he implied.

Mr Clegg praised the way Antonio had handled the diagnosis and treatment, which occurred in severe side effects including hair loss, vomiting and weary.

What is Hodgkin lymphoma?

  • Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of lymphoma, cancer of the lymph station system
  • Symptoms can include enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, controlled by the arm or in the groin
  • It is the most common cancer among children and young people
  • Diverse than 1,100 people under the age of 24 are diagnosed in the UK every year

The Cleggs are taxing to raise awareness of the charity Bloodwise, which launched a report on Wednesday constraining more research into less toxic treatments for children with cancer.

Ms Gonzalez Durantez phrased: «[With] chemotherapy, they poison your body so that you can get cured and it’s a bowl over to see it happen.

«We do realise how incredibly lucky we are both with the fact that the treatment has prospered and how well he seems.»

Dr Alasdair Rankin, Bloodwise’s director of research, explained: «The reality is that one in five children diagnosed with the most run-of-the-mill type of leukaemia still do not survive, and that those who do often sustain devastating side effects both during and after treatment.

«This is unreservedly not good enough. We need to save every child’s life, settle the treatment process much kinder and give them the life they at ones desire have had without cancer.»

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