NHS trust where bosses claimed back dinners on expenses 'can miss waiting time targets'


Barts Vigorousness NHS Trust will not be fined if tients are made to wait too long in A&E or for programme operations and cancer treatment.

The hospital trust, exposed over its bosses’ self-indulgent expenses, will instead receive extra cash to boost display.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the tients Association, said: “This is the sly slope back to the bad old days of never-ending waiting times and uncertainty — with tients communistic endlessly on A&E trolleys and waiting for life-changing operations.”

Hospitals trusts can be handed fines of £120 for an A&E tireless made to wait more than four hours and £1,000 if a cancer unswerving is not treated within 62 days of being referred.

But now the NHS has scrapped these fines in a bid to cut the trust’s debt.

The controversial move is also being rolled out in 52 other debt-riddled polyclinic trusts across the country.

Mrs Murphy added: “We are calling on Government to urgently reconsider this outcome and put the tients safety and wellbeing first.

“ tients should not be punished for years of economic waste in the NHS.”

It was revealed in May that Barts chiefs indulged in a £937 five-star overplay at London’s May Fair Hotel, id for by expenses, while inspectors uncovered that tients were recess 10 hours for food and water.

The menu offered by the hotel boasts relish ins such as lobster risotto, grilled chorizo and Chilean sea bass.

Very recently two weeks after the meal, the trust was placed under special systems after the healthcare watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, declared that its armed forces were inadequate and unsafe.

The £937.48 dinner bill was claimed uphold on expenses by Sir Stephen O’Brien, who was then chairman of Barts Health – he has since resigned.

Barts also managed to oppress up the largest debt in NHS history – £135million.

The trust denied the abundant meal was Sir Stephen’s leaving dinner.

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