NHS to give out Fitbit-style gadgets in bid to cut diabetes


More than 5,000 living soul are to test apps, gadgets and wristbands similar to Fitbits which pleasure track sleep and their activities as part of a 12-month trial. 

Visible Health England said the pilot scheme – which will run in eight areas of the boondocks – is “the next logical step in diabetes prevention”. 

The technology being utilized includes a Buddi Nujjer device – which monitors activity, snooze and eating and has an app which can help with diet – while people thinks fitting also be given educational software and personal coaching sessions. 

Professor Jonathan Valabhji, public clinical director for obesity and diabetes, said: “Tackling obesity and the arising prevalence of Type 2 diabetes are the major public health challenges of our adjust. 

“Through this initiative, we have the potential to establish the effectiveness of digital interventions to do the having said that, so that the reach of the programme will be even greater.“ 

Simon Stevens, the CEO of NHS England, reported: “So much else in our lives is now about online social connection and fortifying, and that now needs to be true too for the modern NHS. 

“This new programme is the latest admonition of how the NHS is now getting practical and getting serious about new ways of supporting living soul stay healthy.” 

Some 2.9 million people in England are already analysed with Type 2 diabetes, with obesity seen as a key driver. 

Assumes suggest that Type 2 diabetes leads to 22,000 early dyings every year and costs the NHS around £8.8 billion. 

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