NHS facing steroid ‘time bomb’ as millenial men bulk up



THE NHS is coating a public health time bomb as steroid use spirals seven-fold

The patterns highlight the growing trend as soaring numbers of image-conscious Millenials befit reliant on steroids to bulk up muscles. 

Over the past year the use of steroids has increased across the sticks with doctors reporting boys as young as 14 are injecting steroids. 

The increment among bodyobsessed teenagers and young adults is being blamed on communal media and the need for perfect profile pictures. 

Long-term use often leads to side effects containing high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, liver price and aggression. 

Steroids can also cause psychological disturbances, such as downturn. 


The rise among bodyobsessed teenagers and young adults is being denounced on social media

Ian Hamilton, a lecturer in mental health at the University of York, who has perused the trend, said: “The effect of images these men are being fed through the mediocrity is helping to fuel this. We are looking at a public health time explosive.”

We are looking at a public health time bomb

Ian Hamilton

Professor Julien Baker, an boffin in exercise and health science at the University of the West of Scotland pointed to the liable to be of blood-born viruses. 


Steroids can also originator psychological disturbances, such as depression

He said: “Social media and countess pressure is having an effect. Young people today are far less frightened than they were all over taking something unregulated and drugs are easily bought over the internet.”

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