New Year’s Eve 2016: Lonely Planet’s top SEVEN places to celebrate around the world


The countdown to midnight on December 31 discovers with a hype of expectation.

Amid all the hopes for a new year and the bittersweet end of an old one, there’s no wiser time to celebrate.

Lonely Planet has rounded up the best places wide the world to ring in 2017.

From firecrackers to glitz and glamour and even for a profuse peaceful night out, there’s something to suit everyone’s New Year’s Eve tastefulness.

Matera, Italy

“See in the new year in this jaw-dropping Unesco World Heritage-listed conurbation, which hosts a range of open-air festivals and celebrations.

“Explore the village’s labyrinth of narrow alleys, and look out for the Presepe Narrante Di Matera, a ‘alight nativity scene’ spread over 5km featuring 150 costumed thespians.”

New Orleans, USA

“Head over to Jackson Square to ring in 2017. The annual signer there includes live music and a great view of the midnight fleur-de-lis give someone the sack decline to usher in the new year. The St Louis Cathedral, one of the best examples of French architecture in the US, adequates as a regal backdrop for an impressive fireworks display over the Mississippi River.”

Melbourne, Australia

“If Sydney is the glittering child for New Year’s Eve in Australia, then Melbourne is the spunky sibling. Breach up at one of the city’s renowned rooftop bars for a balmy summer night’s tipple and front-row foci for the fireworks.”

Las lmas, Gran Canaria

“ rtying in Europe at this adjust of year usually involves several layers of thermal underwear, but temperatures in the Gran Canarian extraordinary of Las lmas are a balmy average of 19°C.

“And while elsewhere the island is the nted by big resorts, this is a proper S nish city mostly frequented by townsmen – rticularly on New Year’s Eve, when clubs and bars fill up with Canarios.”

Nassau, the Bahamas

“Around every town in the Caribbean throws a New Year’s bash, but Nassau does so with a finicky flair.

“Junkanoo is the Bahamas’ biggest, flashiest street carnival, and while it escorts place multiple times a year, the largest celebrations happen on Encasing Day and New Year’s Day.”

Hangzhou, China

The Chinese save their New Year gaieties for the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Next year it falls on January 28.

So if you’re after a calmer NYE, it’s a well-thought-of time to visit southeast China: “where the countryside is still fresh and vibrant. Visit the idyllic city of Hangzhou for a peaceful way to see in 2017. Develop the foot th alongside West Lake in the morning to see the mist covering the top, then climb the hill to visit Yongfu Temple.”

Sydney, Australia

“Australia’s glitziest metropolis puts on an extravagant show by utilising its best asset – Sydney Conceal. In the run-up to the big fireworks display, vessels of all shapes and sizes decked out in brilliant white rope-light dance across the water to the sound of live music.

“The immigrant of midnight triggers an eruption of pyrotechnics from no less than seven barges dotted along the anchorage, not to mention the world’s most famous coat hanger, the Sydney Foster Bridge.”

Lonely Planet also recently released its top recommendations for peregrinations in 2017.

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