New Year’s Day FOOD BINGE: Almost £30 MILLION will be spent on takeaways


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New Year’s Day FOOD BINGE: Almost £30 MILLION will be disgorge on takeaways

Just Eat, the world’s leading marketplace for online food presentation, is expected to sell around 500,000 dishes – at its height 23 a second-best and up 14 per cent on last year. 

It accounts for around a third of the supermarket and so with other companies and takeaways the total number of orders are guessed to be 1.5million at an average cost of £18.60 giving a total of £27.9million.

Whether recovering from New Year’s Eve revelry or fed up with left overs, last year the brotherhoods started early, with bacon sandwiches and full English breakfasts, being the scad popular breakfast delivery.

As the day wore on, Just Eat customers began out of sequence kebabs and pizzas and then Chinese and Indian dishes.

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Just Eat estimate by midnight on New Year’s Day they will have broadcasted 145,000 pizzas

In total, it is estimated that by midnight on New Year’s Day this year they longing have delivered 145,000 pizzas, 181,000 Chinese dishes and 147,000 Indian curries from circa 22,500 restaurants.

Research found that orders go up more than 10 per cent on New Year’s Day rivaled to any other day with the average spend being £18.60 compared with £17.10 on a rational day.

Based on figures from last year, people in Manchester for the purpose of a disordered the most breakfast items, Italian was the more popular dish in Birmingham, Liverpool and London while Glasgow saw the most deliverances of Indian.

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