New UKIP AM after Nathan Gill resignation


UKIP’s Mandy Jones has been sanctioned as the new AM for North Wales following the resignation of Nathan Gill.

Mrs Jones, from Denbighshire, was prescribed as the UKIP replacement for the former leader of the party in Wales.

Mr Gill persists a UKIP MEP for Wales after standing down from the Senedd on Wednesday.

He had sat as an outside AM after leaving UKIP’s assembly group following infighting in Cardiff Bay.

Mr Gill tweeted on Wednesday: “It’s with important sadness and relief that I am resigning as AM for North Wales.”

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  • Assembly attendance ‘betrayal’ of voters

He was replaced as the director of the party in Wales by Neil Hamilton following arguments over his dual situation as an assembly member and a MEP.

He had faced mounting criticism from the six UKIP AMs and other national parties for his record of attendance in the assembly chamber.

Mrs Jones came third on the regional inventory for UKIP in the assembly elections in 2016, and automatically takes her former confrere’s spot.

In an election address for the 2016 election, she told voters she had cultivated as a shepherd in north Wales for 30 years and was “well acquainted with cultivation and local community problems”.

She added: “We, in north Wales expect to be take out as equals. UKIP need to be the Assembly, to fight those at the top, to make them prick up ones ears and make them accountable.

“South Wales is booming, while north Wales crumbles.”

The meeting’s Presiding Officer Elin Jones said on Thursday she had been cultured by the returning election officer for the North Wales regional seat that Mrs Jones was “skilful and willing to serve”.

She will take on her new role when she is formally renounced in at a later date.

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