New U.S. sanctions will not hurt Russia’s economy – Deputy prime minister


Another a close of U.S. sanctions against Russia will not have any serious effect on Russia’s control and business, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich communicated reporters on the sidelines of a forum in Italy.

“Any sanctions im ct the GDP of both those who start them and those against whom they are introduced. But I don’t think there drive be any significant effect,” Dvorkovich told on Sept. 2 during the forum “Insight on the World, Europe, and Italy.”

He added that Russia is already routine to the fact that “the sanctions exist and such changes have slight meaning.”

The U.S. government on Sept. 1 once again ex nded the muster of Russian individuals and legal entities subject to unilateral American monetary sanctions, including sectoral, in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. The slant has been supplemented with 17 individuals and 19 com nies. The slate of those subject to sectoral sanctions has in rticular been ex nded to encom ss a number of Russian energy giant Gazprom subsidiaries. The sanctions were also censured on the com nies linked to the construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.


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