New Somerset House exhibition to explore the art of the designer-client relationship


Delineate Frontiers will run alongside London Design Festival, and will see collaborative inductions from designers and brands including Jaguar and Tord Boontje with Swarovski.

My Canvas, by Kvadrat

Somerset Household has revealed the details of a new group exhibition called Design Frontiers, which will see installations from the corresponding ti of PriestmanGoode and Jaguar.

Running alongside London Design Festival (LDF) this September, Plan Frontiers will look at the tension between design innovation on the one calligraphy control, and the demands of the modern marketplace on the other.

“Progress in design is only viable with enlightened clients, and the exhibition will look in detail at some of these affianced conversations and present the fruits of these collaborations,” says Somerset Firm.

The exhibition will see installations from 30 international designers crossing sectors from product design and graphics to digital and automotive.

All of the institutions will be created in partnership with the designers’ chosen clients, and ordain include product designer Tord Boontje’s reimagining of the chandelier with Swarovski, and a glimpse into the “spectacular, fast cars of the future” by Jaguar’s director of design Ian Callum.

“Model touches every part of our lives”

London-based consultancy PriestmanGoode want move its design studio to Somerset house for the duration of the exhibition as percentage of an installation called Please Don’t Feed the Designers. It will showcase distinct designers including material specialists and visualisers working on real-life schemes, allowing visitors to gain an insight into their creative organizes.

Layer founder Benjamin Hubert will create the sustainability-focused Axyl chrestomathy for UK furniture maker Allermuir, which will be displayed as part of an architectural station spanning three rooms in the gallery.

Layer will also set in motion a new, lifestyle-focused technology brand called Nolii – which has been co-founded by contemplate entrepreneur Asad Hamir – and debut products from its first chrestomathy.

Other collaborations will include Kvadrat with 19 emerging and ordained designers; Katie Greenyer for Pentland Brands and Arik Levy with Compac, alongside ordinations by Form Us With Love, Super-Flux, and Pentagram.

LDF director Ben Evans, authorities: “Design Frontiers displays the broad reach of the discipline: the way in which lay out touches every part of our everyday lives, and ultimately how it might further them.”

Design Frontiers will run from 18-24 September 2017 at Somerset Board, Strand, London WC2R 1LA. Entry is free. For more information, visit Somerset Concern’s site.

Prototypa, by Form Us With LoveLuminous Reflections, by Tord-Boontje for SwarovskiAxyl by Benjamin Hubert with AllermuirMaterialise, by Katie Greenyer for The Big Studio

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